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Kendrik Lamar o Easy E-u

Written by Milica

Za nekoliko nedelja, Paper Mag će izbaciti Nowstalgia izdanje. Za ovu specijalnu priliku zamolili su tri velika imena iz sveta repa da odaju počast reperima koji su preminuli. Eminem će govoriti o 2Pac-u, a Swizz Beatz o Biggie-u. Kendrick Lamar će nam kroz pismo reći šta misli o Easy E-u.

“I remember when I was five or six years old, waking up one morning and seeing this guy bust through the TV screen, rapping over some song called “We Want Eazy” — I think the concept of the video was that he was actually in jail and he had to get to his show and the only way to get to his concert was to film him from jail, and he eventually busted through the jail and came on stage. I remember looking at that video and just feeling like, “Man, this dude feels like an action superhero.” Little did I know, Eazy-E came from my same neighborhood in Compton.”

Celo pismo možete pročitati ovde.

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