This film is a portrait of Bojan, a young man with a passion for graffiti and hip-hop. Bojan was born in Split, Croatia. He lost his father during the civil war and escaped with his mother and sister to Serbia. When he was 11 his mother died and he was put in an orphanage. At the age of 18 he became homeless and lived on the streets of Belgrade.
He was 21 when he died from an overdose, one year after this film was shot.
BOJAN RAPRESENT (29.05.1988-11.06.2009)
“A rare totally authentic, no nonsense documentary etude of the highest order about a young, self-destructive graffiti artists living in the streets of Belgrade, homeless, but never hungry; there is a heartbreaking thing or two to be learned about eating food from garbage containers and telling it with disarming honesty and yes, even charm, straight to the camera. Not to be missed!” – curator of SEE Festival LA
Major screenings:
Premiere at London International Documentary Film Festival LIDF
Rotterdam Film Festival
South Easter European Film Festival, LA
NXNE Film @ Music Festival, Toronto
International Woman’s Film Festival, Cologne, Germany
Canary Wharf Film Festival, London , UK
BEST STORY FILM award from audience at FILM FOR PEACE Festival, Italy
Best National Award at XVIII International Festival of Ethnological Film Belgrade Serbia
Other Festivals:
THESS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, Greece; Uno Port Art Films Festival, Japan; A Film for Peace Festival, Italy; Gottingen Ethnographic Film Festival, Germany;WordFilm Festival, Tartu, Estonia ; Kratki Metar Festival, Belgrade, Serbia; Astra Festival, Sibiu, Rumunia; Kino Kriterion, Sarajevo, Bosnia;Balkan Festival, Moscow, Russia;Canary Wharf Film FEstival, London , UK; Balkan Snapshots Festival, Amsterdam
directed by Ivana Todorovic
camera Ivana Todorovic
edited by Goran Mijic
music by Milos Dabic
animation by Nebojsa Petrovic and Bojan Rapresent
sound design Milan Mihajlovic

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